The Motto of the School:- The motto of the school is to provide education to the poor kinds of the country-side with a view to promote total development of their personalities so that they may be able too shanders responsibilities assigned to them to re-construct an ideal society.

Location of the school:- The school is situated about 2 kilometers away from Maheshkhunt police-station, towards north of NH-31 and towards west of NH-107 in an open- healthy and natural.

"Remember those first steps that your child made while walking"
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I have immense pleasure in explaining that to fulfill my desire to serve the humanity and 'Lead the people of the country-side to light' my eldest son Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh placed a proposal before the people of Maheshkhunt, to improve the status of economically and educationally backward people of the countryside and to inspire and to provide facilities for higher education to poor and intelligent kinds of the country-side. On his herculean efforts a fountion namely 'Akhilanand Foundation', Maheshkhunt, Khagaria, Bihar was established on 29-05-2006 with a view to reconstruct the society. My son, Sanjeev Kumar Singh placed a proposal to establish a school under the banner of said established foundation. As we know that educations is the only tool to re-construct a new society by manifesting the behavior of human-beings. School is a place where education is imparted.

The motto to establish a school in the arms of nature of Maheshkhunt is only to educate the kids of the country-side to produce ideal human to re-construct an ideal society. By producing ideal human beings to reconstruct an ideal society, the members of the foundation and the people of different villages associated with Maheshkhunt agreed to establish a school at Maheshkhunt and on their co-operation D. P. S., Maheshkhunt was inaugurated on 16th November 2006 and a decision was taken by them to start the session of the school from April 2007 on C.B.S.E. pattern. It is an unaided co-educational institution. Your co-operation is needed to flourish the school.

I hope this school will provide fine education on C.B.S.E. pattern to develop the learners physically mently and heartily to be a perfect ideal person/citizen.

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